Swastik Ltd
  Plot No.21 Oboja Road
  P.O.Box 432
  Jinja, Uganda.
  Mobile:   +256-714 665954
  Fax: +256-434 123889

Swastik Limited

We believe that our inspired employees who set great targets apart from ordinary ones, winning the trust of all our Business Associates, be it Customers, Suppliers, Employees or Society at large are essential to our continued success.
We are proud channel partners for Mukwano Industries Uganda Ltd distributing Mukwano products all over Jinja. We further distribute Translink Ltd products among which include Johnson and Johnson, Nestle products, Kimberly and Clerk products, Ac Johnson and Samsung Electronics products.

Swastik Ltd is an importer of Cedric Brand Dry Batteries and a Dealer with Kakira Sugar Ltd which is the leading Sugar Producer in Uganda Producing Kakira Sugar which is extracted from the cane grown on the lush Plantations on the shores of Lake Victoria. As a Brand, Kakira’s longstanding heritage ensures that it is all familiar and has a trusted household foundation amongst all Ugandans with this Swastik Ltd deals with it to supply quality sized Sugar bags and quality sugar packaging.